Your Adventure in learning Japanese

Learn Japanese Adventure

The learning journey of this new language is not a smooth sail, but I managed to overcome the difficulties, at the same time made the journey adventurous and enjoyable one. You will enjoy the process too!

Learning a language is a life-long event. It doesn't stop when you reach a certain level. You have to keep using it in order to maintain the level of competency, even if you have completed your lessons or courses.

Ask yourself, do you stop using your native language after you have completed your studies in school?

Continue to speak to your Japanese friends, exchange emails with your pen pals in Japan, read Japanese books, listen to Japanese songs, watch Japanese dramas, animes and news programs. Don't stop using it even if you have attained certain level. Don't put your past efforts into waste.

Through, you will see exactly how I learn the Japanese language. I will offer you my knowledge and experiences that I have gained during the last few years.

You surely can learn the same way I did!

Here you will find...

The easiest and fastest way to learn is to learn through lots of examples. So throughout the site, you will see many examples in my explanations.

Ready to learn Japanese with me?

Fasten your seat belt, 始めましょう (hajime mashou) - let's start...

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